I just need to write something
I just want to say something
There’s just one thing  I can think
In these empty words I breathe

Whirlpools underneath the surface
Hiding in the calmness of deep with the hymn of waves
Written history, cause of the mystery
Open book it is but why seems a misery

Shut up, Shut down
Turn off, Switch off
Tie tongue, we need to be alive

Shed off, Come out
Free the tears
It’s still gonna be unclear

Look up, drop down
On knees, break down
Nothing else, it’s all your own

These repetitions, a new-built addiction
Habits formed from those abstruse explanations

Explanations, Stories of emotions
But that’s not all, I don’t know, it’s out of control.

Give me a break. Just a little long break.
I promise, not to you, I’ll be back as if nothing like happened.

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