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2 Things You Need to Choose Between

Life is a matter of choice between your dreams and their expectations.

As they say, you cannot give what you don’t have. Sometimes, we fill someone with something that we are also lack of, then it leaves us nothing. I believe that satisfying someone else’s expectations is just somehow  done unknowingly. It is simply an overflow of things that we do out of love and passion and we are getting too much happiness  doing it and learning from it that we can’t help but to share it to other people. Live your life the best way you want to have it and share the happiness it brings to you. 

A Friend Who Knows That Life Is Worth Fighting For.

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Maybe she thinks she’s weak because of the situation.
But all we can see is a person who fights to get out of her comfort zone.
She has been bounded, but never imprisoned
She has been wounded, but never disabled
She is not afraid to show her weakness, but never fail to show how to overcome it.
She’s just perfect, perfect as she is.

Sorry, but I don’t mean it

I offended you ’cause I made mistakes
Sorry, but I don’t mean it
I disappointed you ’cause I am not good as you have expected
Sorry,  but I don’t mean it
I was trying to not to get on your way but still we cross paths
Sorry, but I don’t mean it
I had no idea about the things you assumed I already know
Sorry,  but I don’t mean it

Telling you this one word from time to time will keep the situation from being complicated
One word that I think,  but unsure, uplifts you, does it? Looking at it seems it is a compliment to you.
If all these assumptions of mine are true, listen.  You are living in a flattery.

One thing to know for a better fight in life. 

Enough of the shame of shaking and making mistakes. It’s fine.  You’re not towards your breaking point.  You are actually taking the courage to go beyond your comfort zone. The zone which has been set unknowingly, and has been hurting you despite being within the boundary. The reason?  I guess nobody knows. You are being stronger than you’ve been before. And I am proud of you.

You are complete.  You are perfect.  You are enough.  And I am so proud that you are being brave to take more challenging steps to be a better contributor of the society.  You are an inspiration.

Knowing that you are enough is one of the best way of fighting.