Where To Find Yourself

I have proved myself many times that my greatest enemy is myself. My greatest fear is its lies. “You can’t do it.” “You are not allowed to do that.” “You don’t deserve it.” “Who are you to talk?” “Do you think you have proven yourself enough? Dream on!”

I have heard many times other people say, “I need to find myself”, then I also decided to  do my own searching, too. I have been trying a lot of things, meeting different people, involving myself with activities, yet I couldn’t find myself. Not all, but most of these things I tried were enjoyable but there was no permanent happiness. Is it really not existing in this world?

Last night, I attended a conference about discipleship with my churchmates. There, a strong and inspiring preaching was delivered by Pastor Steve Murrell. It is amazing how he emphasized to us our identity as a discipler with each of the word written in Matthew 5:13,

“You are the salt of the world.”

The part of the preaching which has struck me the most is where Pastor Steve talked about the second word in the verse, “ARE”.


“God did not say, ‘You were the light of the world’; He didn’t say, ‘You will become the salt of the world’ nor ‘You could be the salt of the world if you do this thing’ ‘You would become the salt of the world if you become like this’ Jesus said, ‘You ARE’.” – Pastor Steve Murrell

The self you are looking for is just there right in you. You just have to discover who you are, and what your identity makes you capable of. Maybe you are not aware that you are just putting a limit on yourself because you did not know who exactly you are, what things you are able to do, because of these boundaries you’ve put around your box.
You think that you can’t speak up, you can! Just open your mouth and say what they need to hear! You think you cannot lead? you can! Take the courage and initiate!  Think you are not intelligent enough?  You are!  Show them what you’ve got!

I got really inspired with what Pastor Steven Furtick in one of his preachings, “Do it like you have nothing to prove. ”

Always remember, YOU ARE

… and do not miss the power of IS, ARE and AM.

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